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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Navy's DD(X) looking for high tech

Superconductor motors for the DD(X)? Maybe, judging by this report:
The Navy is researching motors for the planned DD(X) destroyer, and the American Superconductor technology could be considered. The first two DD(X) destroyers are expected to launch in 2012 at a projected cost of $3 billion each. American Superconductor is to deliver its first prototype motor by September to a Navy test facility in Philadelphia.
Superconductor primer here.

Makes this 4 boiler destroyer guy feel a little older...

More on the DD(X) here. Yes, I know, the whole thing is gee whiz high tech. At $3+ billion a copy, it had better have good coffee makers and be able to sing and dance.
Sort of like an ocean going KITT. KITT was the smarter of the partners.

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