Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Latest ICC CCS weekly piracy report (to 1 May 2006)

Latest ICC Commercial Crim
e Services Weekly Piracy Report found here. Highlights:
-29.04.2006 at 0330 LT in position: 07:55S - 118:20E, Flores Sea, Indonesia.
An unlit boat ten metres long, speed 14 knots approached a tanker underway. D/O directed search lights and the boat turned away.
-01.05.2006 at 1140 UTC in position: 03:13N - 108:45E, Kumpulan Natuna Islands, Indonesia.Persons in several unlit boats followed a tanker underway and came close to her stern. Crew mustered, switched on deck lights and activated fire hoses. Boats aborted chase and moved away.
-30.04.2006 at 1150 UTC in position 03:04.3S - 107:17.2E, Gelasa straits, Indonesia.Three pirates armed with long knives in a craft threw grapnel hooks at stern of a tanker underway and tried to board. Alert crew mustered and pirates aborted boarding. Description of craft, motorised banka, 5m long, colour - green/brown.
-29.04.2006 at 2245 LT in position: 02:55S - 107:18E, Gelasa straits, Indonesia.
Six pirates armed with long knives in a speedboat boarded a bulk carrier underway. They took hostage master, c/e and two other engineers. They stole equipment and personal belongings of crew and escaped.
-28.04.2006 at 0210 UTC in position: 06:01.3N - 003:17.4E, Lagos Roads, Nigeria.Three robbers in an eight metre boat attempted to board a tanker. Alert crew prevented boarding.

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