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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dubai Ports executive says US port security "Not ambitious enough"

Reported here:
"Is imaging and radiation detection necessary to protect us? If we believe it is, we should agree to do it everywhere," Sanborn said.

"This requires a global approach and not the unilateral or bilateral initiatives currently underway," he added. "The threats are global, they are not just directed at the United States."

Sanborn said Dubai Ports World is working to form a coalition with other private port operators to address security issues and called on governments around the world to meet industry representatives early next year to hammer out new global standards for port security.

He said any large port would require a number of scanning devices capable of detecting nuclear or other weapons inside shipping containers to upgrade security without impinging on the international supply chain of goods.
Well, "no half measures" is one approach, but if it's US tax dollars at work, then making an assessment of the ports most involved in US trade and starting with them is not an unreasonable risk-based approach.

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