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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

NK nuke test? Who knows?

Good analysis of the latest whacky DPRK "will we test or will we not?" drill at the The Korea Liberator � North Korea Says it Will Conduct a Nuclear Test:
We should remember that in late May North Korea emphatically denied plans for a nuclear test, implying it wouldn’t do so as it believed the U.S. would use a test as an, “excuse to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against our republic.” But now, as it has in the past, it describes nukes as a deterrent – a bit inconsistent.
Inconsistent? Anytime they need some foreign aid, out comes the threat.

UPDATE: Aid maximizing and the DPRK - nice piece here by Andrei Lankov:
Thus, the great principle of the North Korean aid-maximizing approach was discovered: money was paid not for some action, but rather for nonaction.
H/T: North Korea Zone.

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