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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Indian and U.S. forces conduct joint operations

Reported here:
Troops from India and the United States will conduct military exercises later this month to improve the counter-terrorism capabilities of their armies, an Indian official said Tuesday.

About 300 soldiers from the two countries will participate in the exercises beginning Oct. 25 in the southwestern Indian city of Belgaum, Indian army spokesman Col. S.K. Sakhuja said.

The 10-day exercises are to be conducted in an urban environment and focus on joint combat drills and procedures in counter-terrorism operations, Col. Sakhuja said.
While the army exercises are under way at Belgaum, Indian and U.S. warships will hold joint manoeuvers off India's western coast near Goa.

The sixth round of naval exercises, called ``Malabar-06,'' will involve several American and Indian destroyers, guided-missile frigates and other warships, carrying out combat, search-and-rescue and patrolling manoeuvers in the Arabian Sea.

``Malabar-06'' will also include air operations, sea control missions aimed at preventing piracy and counter-terrorism actions at sea.

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