Friday, October 27, 2006

Watching the Saudi oil terminals

After an al Qaeda threat, special maritime scrutiny is being kept over the Saudi oil terminals, esepciall the one at Ras Tanura, as set out here:
Coalition naval forces are helping to guard vital oil installations in top exporter Saudi Arabia as part of heightened security following an al Qaeda threat last month, naval sources said on Friday.

In their sights are the kingdom's Ras Tanura terminal, the world's biggest offshore oil export facility, and Bahrain's Bapco refinery.

"Acting on information received, Coalition naval forces, operating in support of Saudi and Bahraini forces have deployed units to counter a possible maritime threat to the oil facilities at Ras Tanura," Britain's Royal Navy in Dubai said in a statement.

Saudi Arabia's own security forces and navy are guarding strategic oil facilities and coalition forces are patrolling only in international waters.

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