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Friday, October 20, 2006

Indonesia to buy submarines from Russia

Reported here:
The Indonesian Navy will purchase six modern diesel submarines from Russia as part of an upgrading of its aging military arsenal, the state news agency reported Thursday.

Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Slamet Soebijanto told Antara the military will buy four Kilo class and two Amur 950, Lada class, Russian submarines. No financial details were disclosed.

The Russian submarines, equipped with missiles, torpedoes, and anti-mine systems, were chosen over French and German equivalents "because they are affordable and technologically reliable," Soebijanto was quoted as saying.
More on Kilo here. Info on"Amur" here.

UPDATE: Do you remember that the U.S. government donated over $400 million to Indonesia for tsunami relief? and more was donated through private sources?

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