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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Freedom of the Press Somalia-style

Reporters Without Borders discovers that the Union of Islamic Courts has it own ideas of Freedom of the Press. As reported here:
The 13 rules are:

1. The media must not publish or disseminate information contrary to the Muslim religion, the public interest or the interest of the nation.

2. The media must not disseminate information likely to create conflicts between the population and the Council of Islamic Courts.

3. The media may reproduce information obtained from credible sources, but must reveal the identity of the sources.

4. The media must cooperate with the information bureau of the Council of Islamic Courts.

5. Media directors are responsible for the news and programmes they disseminate.

6. Each media must have a physical address and contact details.

7. The media must not serve foreign interests.

8. Media employees must have good professional training and must respect professional ethics and conduct.

9. The media must not participate in seminars or programmes supported by foreign organisations without express permission from the information bureau of the Council of Islamic Courts.

10. The media must not publish or disseminate elements of a foreign culture contrary to Islamic culture or promoting bad behaviour, such as nudity on film.

11. A media cannot work in areas controlled by the Islamic courts without previously registering with the information and propaganda bureau of the Islamic courts.

12. If media are guilty of misconduct, they must make amends.

13. The media must not employ the terms which infidels use to refer to Muslims such as 'terrorists,' 'extremists' etc.
Ah, sweet freedom.

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