Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Popular Science does DDG-1000


As seen in The Invisible Warship
It will be almost silent, nearly invisible to enemy radar—and capable of dropping six powerful missiles simultaneously on a single target up to 95 miles away. But the most important feature of the DDG1000 Zumwalt, the Navy's first new destroyer in 30 years, could be its versatility. The 600-foot-long ship will be just as comfortable in the deep ocean as in the mine-infested shallows of the Persian Gulf.
Every Surface Warfare Officer's wildest dream.

600 feet long!



Probably not to the naked eye.

Which, you know, some people use instead of or in addition to radar.

Getting past small picket boats with a guy on watch with a pair of binoculars (maybe even a night vision thing), a 15 million candle power searchlight and a portable radio might be tough.

Small picket boats being kind of low tech, very low cost detectors of $2.3 billion fancy schmancy stealth ships, you know.

Just saying.

UPDATE (10/19/06): Maybe this will help- a cloaking device.

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