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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Beware the Froggy: Calling BS by its real name

In the service, it's not uncommon for soldiers and sailors to while away their time converting past exploits into deeds both bold and brave. Virtually every such tale begins with the expression "Now, this is no s***" (Castle Argghhh! gets it as "TINS"). The exaggeration contest generally goes on until someone calls "Bull S***"

In his post here Froggy of Froggyruminations has appropriately called "BS" on the media for its willingness to accept, repeat and extrapolate on any wild rumor - especially those based on preconceived notions of "how things are." Froggy points out major culprits, identifies the bigotry that would allow unfounded rumors of murder, rape, pillage and mayhem to be repeated as fact, often and at top volume. He cites several examples of other tales seemingly swallowed whole by the most gullible media, like the "killer dolphin" saga (see my doubts expressed here). My comment on "first reports". Yes, I called BS, too, but Froggy did it much better.

Beware the Froggy!

UPDATE: Wait, I did call "BS" here (of course, I was responding to a slightly different package of baloney).

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