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Friday, September 30, 2005

Probably not good news: Indonesians involved in southern Thailand unrest, general claims

Report says Indonesians involved in southern Thailand unrest, general claims. The general quoted is Thai, of course. He will probably not win the Nobel Peace Prize.
A security adviser to the prime minister said Thursday that Indonesian fighters are involved in Thailand's Muslim insurgency, contradicting the official view that the bloody separatist movement was strictly a home-grown affair.
"I have warned the authorities concerned several times about Indonesian fighters sneaking into the region but they have ignored it," Gen. Kitti Rattanachaya told The Associated Press, saying the militants infiltrated from the Indonesian province of Aceh.

Although there have been rumours of Indonesian Muslims joining their Thai co-religionists in the country's southernmost provinces, no substantial evidence has yet emerged to back the claim. Most analysts still regard the insurgency as domestic, but with a strong potential to attract foreign Muslim militants including adherents to the al-Qaeda linked regional terrorist network, Jemaah Islamiyah.
Jeff over at GeoPolitical Review has been keeping track of Muslim attacks in Thailand and here is an example and here's another.

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