Friday, September 30, 2005

Latest ONI World Wide Threat to Shipping (28 September 2005)

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1. The continuing saga of the M/V Semlow, World Food Prgram ship, now being used by Somali pirates to capture more ships.

2. This bit of fun from Indonesia, where subsidized fuel has opened the door to smuggling, which the government is trying to close:
According to police reports, authorities have
impounded 17 ships, including at least five foreign flagged
vessels, since February in anti-fuel smuggling operations, per 21
Sep reporting. About 6000 tons of fuel have been confiscated,
including 3,000 tons on 27 Aug from the Korean flagged oil tanker
(TIOMAN). Five foreigners are among 58 people detained, all
believed to be captains or crew. In a recent speech, the
Indonesian president explained fuel smuggling has resulted in
losses amounting to $8.74 million each year. He indicated that
officials from state-owned oil and gas giant Pertamina could be
involved. Smugglers have siphoned fuel from Indonesia for decades,
but the problem has received increased attention because of moves
to cut fuel subsidies and hike by at least 40% from 01 Oct. ONI
NOTE: In the past Indonesian anti-smuggling activity has resulted
in use of force that has been misinterpreted and wrongly reported
as Piracy. Indonesian authorities have not always acted to clear
up such misinterpretations

3. French union troubles:
Ro-pax ferry (PASCAL PAOLI) hijacked 27 Sep,
Marseille. The hijackers are striking SNCM seafarers outraged by
the French government’s sale of the state-owned ferry operator
SNCM to an investment company. Members of the Corsican trade
union STC said they had seized the vessel with the intention of
reclaiming it for the island of Corsica. No passengers were
reported onboard. On 28 Sep, French police special
intervention forces regained control of the ferry off Bastia,
Corsica and are reportedly taking it to either Toulon or Marseille
escorted by three French naval vessels. Clashes between police
and striking union activists have ensued in Marseille and the
Corsican port of Bastia. Per 28 Sep reporting, the passenger port
at Marseille as well as the oil and container terminals at Fos and
Lavera were all shut down
(see my post here)

4. Fun off Nigeria. Question: How, exactly, do 20 people seize a port?

5. This from "BANGLADESH: Firefight between pirates and enforcement
authorities 27 Sep, Monpura, in Bhola. A 16 member joint forces
team encountered two trawlers with pirates onboard and challenged
them. The pirates opened fire and the joint forces retaliated.
Authorities estimate 15 of the 70 pirates were killed in the
Firefight. Five members of the joint forces team were injured.
The authorities arrested three wounded pirates and confiscated
one of the trawlers."

6. And a lot of "sea robberies" and more...

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