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Monday, September 26, 2005

Oh, goodie! Venezuela eyeing Russian submarine purchase

Reported here:
Venezuela is reportedly planning to buy three Russian submarines to modernise its navy's fleet in the latest potential military deal between the two countries.

Venezuela is set to purchase three Amur-class submarines to replace its German Type 209 submarines, the Russian news agency RIA-Novosti reported Sunday.

The diesel-electric submarines are equipped with an anti-ship weapon system that enables the vessels to fire Club-S missiles and torpedoes from 10 torpedo tubes in the bow, RIA-Novosti said.
Venezuela's state-run Bolivarian News Agency reported last week that the navy was also seeking bids from the governments of South Korea, China and France.
Details on Amur (NATO "Lada" class) here and here. Sub picture from here.

Info on "Club" missiles here:
The Club missile system is designed to destroy submarine and surface vessels and also engage static/slow-moving targets, whose co-ordinates are known in advance, even if these targets are protected by active defences and electronic countermeasures.
Obviously, these weapons will stave off the looming threat posed to President of Life Chavez by US forces in Paraguay.

Thanks to Mudville Gazette Open Post.

UPDATE: Of course, sub blogger Bubblehead got the story first.

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