Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Self-help: Somalis form "coast guard militias" to fight pirates

Some self-help initiative being shown by some southernSomalis as described here:
The officials of ports in Banadir, Lower juba and Lower Shabele regions have made collaborations over the security off their coasts. The Kismayo port director Abdulahi Salad Yarow said on Tuesday..

Somali Coast
The port director of Kismayo town of southern Somalia, Salad Yarow said in a press conference today the officials discussed over establishing the security in Somali southern coasts in triple phase talks in Barawe town of lower Shabele region.

Militias designed for coast guarding will carry on joint operations against piracy and they will protect commercial ships pounding to Elmaan port of northern Mogadishu city.

When asked the possibility of US marines might think the coast guard militias as pirates, Mr. Salad said the Kismayo militia coast guards with speedy boats would inform US navy about their operations defined to protect the safety of foreign commercials ships in the regional water, so there will be no difficulties on that.
I wish them the best - it's their people who have suffered from the piracy the most. However, they should remember not to wave weapons at the great big gray ships...

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