Monday, May 01, 2006

US warns Somali pirates

Reported here:
The US military said they would take serious steps to prevent in the waters near lawless Somalia coasts on Monday.

In statement by US command based in Manama, Bahrain indicate that the US marines would take tough actions against Somalia pirates in the area out off Somali waters and warned 10 Somali alleged pirates whom they deported to Somalia two days ago.

In March, the US marines captured 12 Somali suspected pirates, killing one of them and wounded another after clashes.

The US marines doubled patrolling in the horn of African coasts for the past few months after alarming acts of piracy off Somalia coasts.

The US government has large military navy base in Djibouti to hunt down suspected Al-Qaeda members who might escape into horn of Africa.

On 15 April, UN Security Council urged US marines to be alert on the attacks by Somali pirates and stop them from damaging foreign ships and boats in the area.

The attacks by pirates in lawless coasts of Somalia had hampered the UN aid efforts to Somalia where some regions were hit by severe droughts that engulfed more people and their livestock.
I'm not sure if they really mean Marines or are simply referring to U.S. Naval Forces...

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