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Thursday, September 01, 2005

In the future: "Radios for Peace"

Several years ago I was involved with a refugee problem in the Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia area. Part of the job was working with the refugees - but communications was a huge problem. We joked about the Non-Governmental Organizations we would start...someday. Mine was "Radios for Peace."

The idea being that my NGO would acquire some really cheap small transistor radios (say 100,000) and and keep them packed tightly in a couple of shipping containers until needed. Along with these radios would be batteries (AAA). When a crisis arises, the radios would be distributed (aye, there's the rub) and the "authorities" could transmit useful information to the affected population such as how to get out of harm's way, find food, water, and so forth.

Watching the Katrina mess, I wish I had followed up on my idea...

In the future...

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