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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Indonesia to install Malacca radar for shipping safety

Indonesia looks at another level of protection for the Malacca Strait as reported here:
Indonesia's navy said Sunday it plans to install radar stations at nine locations in the pirate-infested Malacca Strait to monitor ships and strengthen security in the world's busiest waterway.

Navy spokesman Adm. Abdul Malik Yusuf did not know when or where the stations would be installed, saying authorities still needed to conduct a survey.

The decision follows an agreement between Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia to strengthen security in the strategic shipping lane, seen by many as a prime target for terrorists. The Southeast Asian nations will start coordinated air patrols over the Malacca Strait next month.

"The nine radars will help monitor the security situation in the waterway," Yusuf said. "These will also be points where crews can report problems like piracy and sea accidents."
Many countries have such systems for positive control of their waters.

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