Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Monday, September 12, 2005

News Flash: Conservatives Can Be Smart

Into a room containing windbags from both parties, enters Chief Justice nominee John Roberts and starts out being - shock- conservative. And, by golly, the man is smart.

How could that be? Seems like all I have heard is that conservatives are "not all that bright." So, where did this guy come from?

UPDATE: Roberts
"I come before the committee with no agenda. I have no platform. Judges are not politicians who can promise to do certain things in exchange for votes. I have no agenda, but I do have a commitment. If I am confirmed, I will confront every case with an open mind." — Roberts, in his opening remarks.
Probably the only guy in the room who could make that statement with a straight face.

Others: Legal genius Edward Kennedy (D, Mass):

art source "Unfortunately, Mr. Chairman, there are real and serious reasons to be deeply concerned about Judge Roberts' record. Many of his past statements and writings raise questions about his commitment to equal opportunity and the bipartisan remedies we have adopted in the past."
"Bipartisan remedies?" What the hell kind of judicial standard is that? Teddy seems to be in over his head.

Open-minded Diana Feinstein (D, Calif):
"For me, one of the most important issues that needs to be addressed by Judge Roberts is the constitutional right to privacy. ... It would be very difficult for me to vote to confirm someone to the Supreme Court whom I knew would overturn Roe v. Wade."

Concerned Chuckie Shumer (D. NY):
"To me the pivotal question, which will determine my vote is this: Are you within the mainstream — albeit the conservative mainstream — or are you an ideologue who will seek to use the court to impose your views upon us?"
Perhaps the Senator was thinking, "After all, that's my job."

Well known original thinker Joe Biden (D. Del):
"Judge, if I looked only at what you've said and written in the past, I'd feel compelled to vote no. ... This is your chance to explain what you meant by what you have said and what you have written."
(Note to self - see if anyone else has said that before...)

A play to the Hollywood crowd from Jeff Sessions (R. Ala)?:
"The people rightly demand judges who follow, not make law. From everything I have seen, Judge John Roberts, you are just the man to fill that need — straight from central casting."

A direct challenge to what appears to me to be prevailing Democratic party judicial theory from Orin Hatch (R, UT):
"We must use a judicial, rather than a political, standard to evaluate Judge Roberts' fitness for the Supreme Court. That standard must be based on the fundamental principle that judges interpret and apply but do not make law."
Take that, Senator Kennedy!

(All Senator quotes from here. )

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