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Monday, August 07, 2006

Hold the press- a "good news" story about LNG!

Wow! One of many reasons to like Texans as seen here:
Dredging to make room for deep-water ship berths needed for new liquefied natural gas terminals will lead to a side benefit of stronger wetlands a few miles west in an area popular with fishermen and duck hunters.

With the addition of the Golden Pass LNG terminal, which started construction last week, and other potential projects on the way, the character of the area north of Sabine Pass could change drastically in the next few years - many believe for the better.

"It's going to benefit everybody. We're just as delighted as we can be," Jefferson County Commissioner Waymon Hallmark said.
Compare to this fear-mongering in The Malibu Times:
As Malibu continues to debate the construction of Cabrillo Port, a liquefied natural gas facility proposed to be built 14 miles off the coast of Leo Carrillo State Beach, news from the Middle East brings up some of the potential hazards of such an installation.

In Jordan last Thursday, a liquid gas tanker caught fire as its cargo was being unloaded. One of the pumping lines exploded. Nineteen were injured. The ship was evacuated and towed a kilometer offshore where the fire was brought under control after a couple of hours.

Although initial reports from the Associated Press described the ship as being filled with liquefied natural gas, another account by the Jordan Times said the vessel was carrying liquid gas or propane, which can be compressed to a liquid state by applying pressure alone.
Not even sure if the cargo was LNG? Didn't stop the story from being written.

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