Friday, August 25, 2006

Somalia: Fishermen and chips

Four Thai fishemen supposedly were tossed overboard from their boat and rescued by Somali fishermen off the Puntland coast and now may be bargining chips in a bigger game. All reported here:
It is widely believed that the unnamed seamen will stay in Somali custody as a bargaining chip to negotiate the release of three Somalis from the Puntland region currently serving a three-year jail sentence for piracy in a Thai jail.
"We were happy to hear of the rescue of the Thai sailors because their people wrongfully arrested our men who were on a Thai vessel that was hijacked by Somali pirates.

But the Thai government turned around and charged them as the pirates," said Rahma Ugas, a relative of one of the Somali men.

"If the Puntland administration tries to release the men, we will organise demonstrations and strikes."

Puntland authorities say the men may face illegal fishing charges before their case is referred to the families of the Somalis held in Thailand.
Wow! You can't make stuff like this up. Unless you work for Weekly World News, which last week reported bin Laden being captured by rednecks. In Missouri.

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