Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Latest piracy report from ICC CCS (to 28 August 06)

Latest ICC Commercial Crime Services Piracy Report (to 28 August 06) here. Highlight:
27.08.2006 0045 LT in posn: 13:15.5N - 047:13.2E, Gulf of Aden.
Two speedboats approached a bulk carrier underway. Crew mustered, took anti piracy measures. Fifteen minutes later boats moved away. A second attempt was made at 0430 LT when several speed boats approached the vessel and followed for 40 minutes but due to anti piracy measures boats aborted attempt and fled.
Also Vietnamese/Cambodian fishing piracy action. Speaking of which, the fun continues as Cambodia promises to investigate Vietnam's assertion that some Cambodian coast guardsmen were acting piratical here:
Two Cambodian officials pledged Tuesday to investigate Vietnam's accusations that four members of the Cambodian coast guard were caught in acts of piracy on Vietnamese fishing boats. Police General Touch Vorleak, coast guard chief in the southeastern Cambodian province of Kampot, and Kampot provincial governor Thach Khorn each said they would launch investigations into Vietnam's arrest last week of four heavily armed Cambodians accused of commandeering Vietnamese fishing boats.
And another claim of of "foreign men" attacking Vietnamese fishermen here:
A group of unidentified foreign men launched a surprise attack on a Vietnamese fishing boat and stole their entire cuttlefish catch, a local source reported Tuesday.

The boat’s captain Le Van Dung told police on the phone that the attack had taken place near Bong Bay Island off the central Danang city with the pirates forcing his crew to move 2.5 tons of cuttlefish to their boat.
Better make sure your cuttlefish are not of the pirated variety.

Valuable cuttlefish information (for free!) here, "Cuttlefish are much more closely related to garden slugs and snails than they are to fish! "


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