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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More NIMBY LNG Nonsense

At least the guy who wrote this is relatively honest. He wishes a proposed offshore LNG terminal will become someone else's problem:
For me, one of the 10 top risks "that disaster and homeland security planners worry about most" doesn't sound like a really wonderful sort of thing to have coming into our neighborhood. This is no time for Gloucester to play Mr. Rogers - please, please, don't be my neighbor.
His concerns, however, are based on the idea that the worst case scenario- a terrorist or otherwise induced gasline explosion - is not just a remote possibility, but the most likely of all scenarios.

This strikes me as a very awkward way to live out one's life. In this world view, applied broadly to everything in life, the odds are stacked way against you.

For example, you might end up living in fear of your automobile. After all, as set out here:
Consider that just two ounces of gasoline, or about as much gin as you'd put in your martini, has the explosive power of several sticks of dynamite.
And there is substantially more gasoline in your car's gas tank than I hope you might find in your martini glass. However, not to put too fine an edge on it, our anti-LNG author has perhaps not come to grips with the odds of dying. He might be interested in this piece which points out that heart disease and cancer are way more likely to get you than a terrorist blowing up a LNG plant or pipeline or even an asteroid falling on you from outer space.

If he gets worried about the asteroid, I wonder what neighborhood he will urge to volunteer to take the hit for him?

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