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Friday, October 12, 2007

Democrats in Congress: Stuck on Stupid

Making nice with dictators while unnecessarily insulting a long-time, democratic, and important ally?

Why, it's the Democrats in Congress, stuck on stupid.

See here for an excellent discussion of the dangers of Congresspeople wandering off into foreign affairs matters:
It appears Bush has driven House Democrats to insanity. What idiot advised Pelosi that it is somehow a good idea to put the government of Turkey in a position to risk the credibility of the Democratic Party in foreign policy over something so trivial? The Dem candidates need to wake up, because this redefines the measurement of stupid in Congressional politics, with so much to lose in relation to gain, it is stunning to behold.

Democrats appear to be working very hard to start a war, and while the bill will hopefully fail, the action could result in far reaching consequences. In a purely political power play, this has the potential of being one the biggest political blunders by any Congress in my lifetime.

The Turks are sort of like the U.S. Marines- "No better friend, no worse enemy."

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