Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Latest ICC CCS Weekly Piracy Report (to 29 Oct 07)

The latest Weekly ICC Commercial Crime Services Piracy Report (to 29 Oct 07) is here: Highlights:
28.10.2007: 0216 UTC: 13:05N -050:24E, Gulf of Aden.
An undesignated distress was received from a chemical tanker underway. Thereafter, there has been no communication with the tanker. The owners and the piracy reporting centre have been unable to contact the vessel. Information from the coalition naval forces, in the vicinity, indicates that pirates have hijacked and sailed the tanker into Somali territorial waters. There are 23 crew on board the vessel. (see here)

27.10.2007: 1940 LT: 00:48.8N - 053:49.4E, Somalia.
OOW on a container ship underway noticed, on radar, that a suspicious craft lighted and proceed at six knots. OOW altered course to stbd and the craft also altered course. OOW raised alarm, informed the master and increased to full speed. Crew mustered and activated anti-piracy measures. The craft proceed at 10 knots and followed the ship. At 2040 LT the craft reduced speed to four knots and stopped following the ship.
22.10.2007: 0350 UTC: 12:29.5N-045:15E: Gulf of Aden.
While underway, a chemical tanker was pursued by seven boats with three persons in each boat. The boats approached the vessel from all directions making it extremely difficult for the vessel to manoeuvre. The closest the boats got to the vessel was 0.1 NM. The master managed to out manoeuvre five boats. The other two boats continued to follow the vessel. As the vessels, speed was greater than the boats the master assessed the situation and felt his vessel was not in any danger.

21.10.2007: 2250 LT: 13:14N-048:13E: Gulf of Aden.
While underway, a LPG tanker was warned by vessels ahead of her about unlit boats that had failed in approaching them. The master on the LPG tanker raised the alarm, mustered the crew on the bridge and briefed them. The target boat was picked up on radar and seen to approach the vessel from ahead. The master carried out evasive manoeuvres. The boat tried to pursue the ship but could not keep up. The entire incident lasted almost one and a half hours.

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