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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Latest ICC CCS Piracy Report (to 8 October 2007)

Latest ICC Commercial Crime Services Piracy Report (to 8 October 2007)found here. Highlights:
07.10.2007: 0210 LT: 01:14.2N - 104:59.3E, Off Bintan islands, Indonesia.Pirates in a small speedboat approached a bulk carrier underway. The master altered course to avoid the boat however, the boat continued to approach the ship. Alarm raised, ship whistle sounded and crew. Mustered seeing the alert crew the boat aborted the attempt and moved away. Singapore port control informed.

04.10.2007: 0640 UTC: 25:22N - 058:05E, Off Iran coast, Gulf of Oman. Nine pirates armed with guns, wearing masks in three high-speed crafts approached a bulk carrier underway. Master raised alarm and crew mustered on ford and aft stations. Anti piracy, measures implemented. After around two hours of chasing the ship, the pirates aborted the attempt.
29.09.2007: 1458 UTC: 13:52N - 050:35E, Gulf of Aden

A vessel underway, noticed on radar only an unlit suspicious craft at a distance of 7.2 nm. The master altered course and increased speed. The craft altered course to continue following the ship. The master alerted the crew, and took anti-piracy measures. Crew directed searchlights in the direction of the boat. At 1546 UTC craft altered course and stopped following the ship.

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