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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sea terrorism: Blowing up a tanker in Kola Bay?

Who wanted to blow up oil tanker in Kola Bay?. Apparently, the deputy mayor of Zaozersk...:
Mr. Igor Senin, deputy mayor in the closed military town of Zaozersk on the Barents Sea coast, admits that he was to be generously paid for the terrorist attack. According to the plans, the deputy mayor was to find an individual who was to conduct the misdeed. It remains unclear to the public however, who actually offered the money to Mr. Senin.

The court case against the official this week restarted in Murmansk, reports.

It also remains unclear which oil tanker in the Kola Bay was the target for the attack. One of the possible target could have been the 360,000 ton Belokamenka tanker stationed in the area as terminal ship.
Kola Bay is off the Barents Sea - major port being Murmansk.

UPDATE: Kola Bay has been a dumping ground for obsolete Soviet-era military ships. See here.

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