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Monday, October 15, 2007

Tamil Tigers: Sri Lanka captures Tiger Remotely Piloted Aircraft?

Reported as Two remote-controlled aircraft seized from LTTE:
The Sri Lanka Navy on Thursday claimed to have recovered two “remote-controlled aircraft”, following an attack on two “small size logistics boats” of the LTTE in the coastal waters north of Thallaimannar.

As per the Defence Ministry, Inshore Patrol Craft (IPCs) on Thursday morning confronted two small size LTTE logistic boats in the coastal waters, North of Thallaimannar and seized two remote-controlled aircraft along with many other sophisticated military equipment destined for delivery to the terrorists.

The navy targeted the suspicious boasts when they fired on the IPCs on being challenged to prove their identity. The navy believes that the four Tiger cadres on the boats were killed in the incident.

Inside the boats, the navy found two remote-controlled aircraft — one fixed wing aircraft with about 6ft wingspan and the other a miniature helicopter which is about 1ft in length. Among the other items that have been found are four radio communication sets, 10 hand-held Global Positioning Systems (GPS), four satellite phones, 45 radio antennas, 100 electronic circuit boards, battery charges and 300 litres of hydraulic oil.
It is immediately not clear if the aircraft and the military equipment seized by the Navy was being transported to strengthen the nascent air wing of the LTTE. The rudimentary air wing of the Tigers hit world headlines in March-April this year after the LTTE low-flying aircraft managed to hit military targets on four different occasions.

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