Good Company

Good Company
Good Company

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Russian's View? "Russia's fist in America's belly"

What some see as a training opportunity, others see as a major statement of Russian power as Russia's fist in America's belly:
In terms of military might, Peter the Great and Admiral Chabanenko exceed all the fleets in North and South America combined — withstanding U.S. ships. Peter the Great has strategic nuclear arms, and that's enough in and of itself to sink two or three enemy cruisers.

Of course, Russia's admirals are categorically against discussing these issues for political reasons. Only one sailor who asked to go unnamed answered my question directly about whether Peter the Great has nuclear arms. "Who'll let the ship go to sea without them!?" he said
Of course, the Russians are aligning themselves with Hugo Chavez, oil potentate and gold mine grabber.

My mother used to tell me about being judged by the company you keep.

Have a nice cruise, comrades.

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