Thursday, September 04, 2008

Somali Pirates: Revenge Against the French

Interesting read titledSomalia sea pirates seek revenge; to kill French hostages:
The French yacht caught by pirates in the self declared Bantustan of "Puntland State of Somalia", formerly known as Majertenia for its Majeerteen tribal inhabitants were again in the media this week for another ghastly case of common criminality.

After one botched hijacking of a French luxury yacht almost five months ago which resulted in the deaths of tribal pirate militias
due to French rescue mission, they awaited for their moment to strike again until this week. This time, they menacingly plan retribution pledging to "teach the French a lesson".
Hopefully, the lesson the French learn will be to let the pirates know that any French deaths will result in a lot - a vast number- of smoking holes where buildings known to be pirate havens used to be. War is war, and it's time to quit pussy-footing around these enemies of all mankind.

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