Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Friday, September 19, 2008

Somalia: Danes Capture 10 Suspected Pirates

If you didn't see Fred Fry's comment to an earlier post, then here's the story from the Scandinavian Shipping Gazette:
The Danish frigate Absalon seized two speed boats in the Gulf of Aden yesterday. The boats and their crew of ten persons are now in custody on board Absalon, where the Danes are trying to identify them. The two boats, which were observed by Absalon’s armed Lynx helicopter, contained a large number of piracy equipment like handguns, automatic guns and rocket launchers. In the following operation the navy seal and personal from the military police boarded the boats and arrested the crews. Furthermore equipment for boarding bigger ships was found in the two boats.It is the first time that presumed pirates have been captured by a naval force.
Thanks, Fred!

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