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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Somalia: Pirates Grab an Egyptian Ship

Reported here:
Somali pirates have hijacked yet another ship and are taking it and a French yacht with two French nationals onboard to their remote coastal base, a regional government official said on Thursday.

Gunmen from the Horn of Africa nation are currently holding about 10 vessels for ransom at Eyl, a lawless former fishing outpost now used by gangs behind a sharp rise in attacks at sea.

"The pirates are sailing to Eyl with the French yacht and another Egyptian ship that they hijacked last night," Hassan Muse Alore, the minister for minerals in northern Somalia's Puntland region, told Reuters by telephone from Eyl.

He had no details on the Egyptian ship, but said he was visiting the area to check on reports that another of the hijacked vessels -- an Iranian bulk carrier -- had arms onboard.
Eyl must be getting crowded...

And what does the rumor of "arms" on an Iranian ship mean? Are talking a shotgun or anti-ship missiles or tanks?

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