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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Somalia: Iran wants "major powers" to do clean up

As reported in the Tehran Times: Iran criticizes failure to crack down on Somali pirates:
Iranian Foreign Ministry and ports and shipping organization are making every effort to obtain the release of Iranian hostages in Somalia, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said on Saturday.

Somali pirates have hijacked at least 30 ships in the waters off the Horn of Africa country this year and are currently holding about 130 crew members hostage on at least eight vessels from Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, and Nigeria.

Qashqavi criticized the major powers for failing to crack down on Somali pirates.

“The weak response of international powers to sea piracy and organized crimes in Somalia has led to the spread of insecurity in the region which is regrettable.”

“Failure to seriously respond to these unlawful actions will cause similar problems in other parts of the world and this would not be to the benefit of any country,” said the spokesman.

“The major powers’ negligence in tackling this issue and their efforts to put the blame on others… will intensify the insecurity.”
Yep, those countries that seek to "put the blame on others" will intensify the insecurity.

By the way, the Iranian spokesman seems to have modestly neglected to state the efforts of Iran to put a halt to Somali what follows is the full list of such Iranian endeavors ( I hope I haven't left any off the list):

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