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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Africa: Navy chiefs unite for security summit

Interesting summit concerning an African "Rapid Reaction Force" to react to, among other things, pirates and terrorists. Reported here.
Nigeria's navy secretary Olasaad Ibrahim presented a paper on piracy and the trends and counter measures that could be exercised through co-operation by African Navies.

One of the problems experienced by Nigeria was the theft of crude oil, with almost 100 000 barrels a day lost to pirates at sea. "There are ships waiting for these illegal supplies, which they can sell cheaper because they have been stolen," said Ibrahim....Kenyan navy chief Pastor Awitta said that because a neighbouring country like Somalia didn't have a central government it made it easy for terrorists to smuggle weapons into Kenya. "It is believed that terrorists use the sea to get into the country," said Awitta, referring to several attacks in Kenya.
Good first steps.

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