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Friday, August 26, 2005

USS Jimmy Carter: Spy Sub

Okay, I'm not a sub guy. But I know a lot of them and I'd be willing to play one on TV. So I figure that gives me the go ahead to link to this Popular Science post on the USS Jimmy Carter titled "Exposing the Spy Sub of the Future." It's got a link to a nice slide show showing the roll out of the boat (on land) and it sliding through the ocean.

And there's jus enough "gee whiz" hints in the brief article that I couldn't resist it. I mean the drawing makes it look like there's a SEAL garage built into the hull! Way cool.

Oh, yeah, official Navy info here.
Full Seawolf Warfighting Capabilities - plus Special Operations
Despite her modification to conduct classified RDT&E, Jimmy Carter will retain all her organic warfighting capability, as shown in the accompanying table. She will support the fleet commander as an attack submarine in conducting undersea warfare, surveillance and reconnaissance, covert special operations, mine warfare, and strike operations, just as her two sister ships do. She will also be available to the Navy to test future concepts for weapons, countermeasures, and non-traditional payloads - tasking that is currently divided among several submarines. In addition to these robust capabilities, Jimmy Carter will also be capable of supporting Special Operations Forces (SOF), with provision for operating the Dry Deck Shelter (DDS) and Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS). Moreover, one of the ship's most important functions will be to support research and development for future Naval Special Warfare (NSW) undersea mobility requirements, tactics, techniques, and procedures. Jimmy Carter had already been programmed to support NSW, but the additional volume and length of the OI provides even greater potential to develop new roles for submarines in special operations. The OI will provide a hangar or garage capability for locking-in and locking-out future generations of SEAL delivery vehicles, and her reconfigurable cargo area can accommodate dry stowage and access for maintenance. Other internal volume will be available as command and control space for mission planning and monitoring, plus dedicated berthing space for up to fifty SOF Team members. The extra external volume created by the hourglass design allows for stowage of SOF supplies like Combat Raiding Craft, fuel, munitions or delivery vehicles.
So there is a garage built in! And more...

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