Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

China 'warning of hotel attacks' by Islamic terrorists

BBC says here:
Chinese police have warned that Islamic militants could be planning an attack on luxury hotels in Beijing in the coming week, the US embassy has said.
The authorities pledged to investigate the threat and take appropriate action, the embassy said in a statement.

The warning comes 10 days before US President George Bush visits Beijing.

China is often accused of exaggerating the threat of Islamic militancy to justify its crackdown on groups such as its Uighur minority.

"The embassy has learned that Chinese police advised hotels that Islamic extremist elements could be planning to attack four- and five-star hotels in China some time over the course of the next week," the statement from the US embassy in Beijing said.

"American citizens visiting Chinese four- and five-star hotels should review their plans carefully, remain vigilant with regard to their personal security, and exercise caution," it added. (emphasis added)
I guess if I were a member of the Ulghur minority, I'd keep my head down...

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