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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ukraine says force was considered to free crew captured by Somali pirates

Instead of paying the ransom, freeing a Ukranian ship crew by force was considered as reported here:
Force scenario was considered among others for releasing Ukrainian seamen, captured by pirates off Somalia's cost, NSDC Secretary Anatoliy Kinakh says
As Mr Kinakh said, from the very first time after the Panagia boat was captured, the situation was constantly monitored by the President of Ukraine.
A special expert group, led by the President's representative, NSDC Deputy Secretary Vasyl Krutovyi, were working in London, cooperating with such international organizations as the International Maritime Organization, the International Maritime Bureau, the Analytical Center for Piracy Counteraction and special services of Great Britain, France and the USA. Ukrainian paramilitary bodies and the Foreign Ministry were also actively working. The operation was coordinated by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. As Anatoliy Kinakh reminded the negotiations met international maritime norms and principles and were staged by means of mediators, whom posed to be the company ship-owner and the insurance company. As Anatoliy Kinakh reminded, the negotiations resulted in freeing the Ukrainian citizens. He rejected naming the sum of money, which was paid for them, saying it was not state funds.
Falls into the "all options were considered category"- I guess.

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