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Friday, November 11, 2005

The DMZ War: Korea 1966 -1969

On this Veterans Day, as CDR Salamander reports, there are millions of individual stories that need remembering. And there are the larger stories of desperate fights in nearly forgotten places where our troops held the line for freedom.

One such place was the demilitarized zone fo Korea during the late 1960s as recorded in at the Korean War Project here
F rom late 1966 through 1969, the Korean peninsula provided the background for a military confrontation that included guerrilla warfare, sabotage and terrorism directed against the people of South Korea and the Americans serving there. The situation tested the willpower and reserve of the Unified States and the Republic of Korea (ROK))...
... A nearly forgotten place where soldiers from the 2d Infantry "Indianhead" Division and the 7th Infantry "Bayonet" Division were engaged in combat operations on a smaller scale, but no less deadly, than the operations faced during the same period by fellow "grunts" in Vietnam...
...The sole survivor of the patrol ambushed on 2 November 1966, carries 48 scars from the North Korean grenades that blew him off a hilltop when he was just 17 years old. Looking back across 20 years he slowly said, "We did what the country asked us to do . . . that's all."

And then there the Axe Murders from 1976.

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