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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Chinese terrorism drill

A different sort of Chinese drill reported here:
The drill began with a peaceful scenario, in which cranes were busy working with containers from an international ship at berth No. 2.

The exits and entries were staffed around the clock and more than 200 electronic detectors were overlooking the whole port and the bridge.

The license plates on all the vehicles entering the area were scanned and identified.

When the security level moved to 2, a level mainly used for visits by important officials, staff were added to various posts.

Inspections were tightened and security personal patrolled the port and bridge more frequently.

In addition, the area holding dangerous goods containers, power stations, oil tanks and the port front were sufficiently staffed to ensure security. After the port security officials were informed two terrorists had hid in a container on a newly arrived ship, the highest security level were enacted.

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