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Friday, November 18, 2005

Coast Guard security in Hawaii

From here:
"Our teams are designed to go out and intercept ships and vessles coming in to Hawaii waters," says Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security team member Kekoa Dobrowolsky.

"A ship comes in laden with explosives, crashes into the pier, killing people at ATM. Possible detonating a dirty bomb. Radioactive material going into the air."

Speedboats that can turn on a dime will race them to any maritime threat.

"If we think the vessle has a terrorist vessle or has terroists aboard, we can be delivered by aircraft and fast-rope down to the deck," says Dobrowolsky.

"We think of it as the first line of defense. If something were to go down we're there to intercept it," says the Coast Guard's Steve Mosk.

MSST also protects cruise ships in harbor.

Dobrowolsky says the job is especially dangerous because he believes the next major terror threat will come from the ocean.

"Ships come into Hawaii waters or the waters of the US on a continuous basis. It's impossible to check every one of them."

But day after day, he and his teammates risk their lives to prevent it.
Yes, they do.

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