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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More UN silliness: "Keep News On Hijacked Ships Private, Says UN"

What are the idiots at the UN thinking? Well, here it says:
Information on ships and crews who are detained by pirates in Somalia should not be made public, the United Nations has warned.

The coordinator of the Seafarers Assistance Programme, Mr Andrew Mwangura, who has been negotiating the release of the ships and their crew said: "The UN wants that the authorities to be contacted in the hijacking saga are the ships' owners or the embassies of countries concerned."

Currently, there are four ships held by the pirates, including Kenya's Mv Torgelow, which has a crew of 10. Others are Mv San Carlo and Mv Panagia.

The UN warning is seen as aimed at seeking a secretive way of handling negotiations to free the ships and their crew.

The global organisation is also believed to be gathering information on the movement and operations of the pirates for possible action.
Perhaps someone smarter than I can explain the logic? And the UN taking action? With what? A resolution?

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