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Thursday, November 17, 2005


I respect the guy, but I think he is wrong.
Known to shun publicity, Murtha said he was standing up because he had a constitutional and moral obligation to speak for the troops.
The vast majority of the troops, howver, do not feel as he does.

I think he is, understandably, letting his emotions from visiting the wounded cloud his perception of the war.

Update: I think Sen. McCain is right on this (though I don't agree with him on everything, either):
Tweaking Democrats and Mr. Bush, Mr. McCain last week called for increasing troops in Iraq. Yesterday, he criticized the Republican leadership in the Senate for proposing an amendment that, he said, focused more on withdrawal than on victory. Senator Graham, a Republican of South Carolina whose name has surfaced as a possible running mate for Mr. McCain, also voted against the Levin amendment.

Mr. McCain's call for a stronger commitment on Iraq from Republicans and Democrats establishes him as the most hawkish member of the Senate. And it sets him up for a presidential campaign rooted in a hard-nosed defense policy. Mr. McCain, 69, is a Vietnam veteran and former prisoner of war.
I am in favor of victory.

UPDATE2: Greyhawk looks at numbers used by Rep Murtha and finds them ...misleading.

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