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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Reorganizing the Military Sealift Command

Looks like the Military Sealift Command is moving from its old HQ in the Washington Navy Yard to join the Norfolk HQ crowd as reported here:
A Navy command that operates 133 ships manned mainly by civilians, but not usually counted in the fighting fleet, is getting a new name and headquarters here.

The Military Sealift Command has established in Norfolk the Military Sealift Fleet Support Command , which includes about 5,000 members – 4,000 civilian mariners assigned worldwide, 400 civilian support staff and about 200 military members.

It was formally created Nov. 13 by consolidating offices in San Diego and Norfolk and will be responsible for manning, training, equipping and maintaining a fleet of government-owned and -operated ships worldwide.

Sealift ships carry the prefix “T” before their hull numbers and include ammunition ships, combat stores ships, hospital ships, oilers, ocean tugs, survey ships, missile range ships, pre-position container ships and roll-on, roll-off ships.
Hat tip to NOSI.

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