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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Are you now or have you ever been?

I'm starting a list of things that seem to bother the Democrats in Congress and make them go snaky.

Each of these begins with the McCarthy Hearings phrase "Are you now or have you ever been ..."

1. a Republican?
2. anti-abortion?
3. critical of a Democratic president or policy?
4. a holder of "strongly held beliefs?"
5. a practicing Catholic?
6. an author of anything that could be construed to be anti-(fill in protected group here)?
7. known to dress your children in pastels?
8. a member of The Federalist Society?
9. a conservative?
10. a supporter of Ronald Reagan?
11. a supporter of George W. Bush?
12. a supporter of the invasion of Iraq?
13. a Vietnam veteran who doesn't feel guilty about it?
14. a holder of the belief that it is Congress's job to make laws and that it not a function of the courts to act as another legislature?
15. a holder of the belief that military service is not just for society's "losers"?
16. the author of anything that contained any words suggesting that "tax cuts for the wealthy" might be a good idea?
17. a believer that if the war in Iraq was "about oil" that's just fine?
18. a born again Christian like John Ashcroft? Or GWB?
19. the parent of a gay child?
20. a questioner of what the "exit strategy" in the "War on Poverty" is?
21. curious as to why reducing the size of an increase is viewed as "cutting" the funding of a government program?
22. ever adopted children?
23. ever written a brief to make sure the law is appropriately applied and been sustained by the majority of the Supreme Court?

Things that don't seem to matter:

A. former membership in the KKK (if you are also a Democrat)
B. plagarism
C. driving while intoxicated and causing the death of an innocent passenger in your car
D. believing that military service is something that "other people's children" should do even if it means bringing back the draft for them
E. comparing US troops to Nazi concentration camp guards
F. calling the President a "liar"
G. membership or emplyment in the ACLU

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