Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bangladesh Coast Guard Arrest 41 Pirates

In an apparent clamp down on its "sea robbery" problem, the Bangladesh Coast Guard swings in to action as reported here:
Sources said, MV Radwan, a scrap vessel was being towed by a tug ship named Care Play-14 from Kutubdia island area on the Bay at around 8 am this morning. A gang of pirates attacked MV Radwan and the tug boat and started looting goods from the ships. However, the crew of the tug ship informed the Coast Guard about the piracy through wireless massage. The massage was immediately sent to the mobile team of Coast Guard. On receiving the message, the mobile team of the Coast Guard on board CGS Tauhid rushed to the spot near Kutubdia island. The Coast Guard surrounded the two ships and asked the pirates to surrender. They surrendered on the spot.

The Coast Guards arrested some 41 pirates from the two ships and five trawlers used by the pirates. They also recovered the looted goods including huge ropes, one refrigerator, rubber boat and pistol from the possession of the arrested pirates. They also seized the five trawlers, used in the piracy. The seized trawlers are: MV Kwajar Dan, MV Allahar Dan, Ayesha Begum. The rest two had no names.
Chittagong appears frequently in reports of piracy.

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