Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Coast Guard International Affairs Office

Nice piece from Sea Power on less well-known part of the Coast Guard International Affairs:
The Coast Guard International Affairs division has expanded the international role of the service in an attempt to enhance maritime and port security worldwide. In addition to placing Coast Guard liaisons in selected embassies and providing officers to the staff of embassy defense attachés, Coast Guard assets are made available to U.S. allies through foreign military sales and financing.

But it is the division’s training program that has served as the centerpiece of its international initiatives, and gained entrée to nations officially closed to U.S. military influence. Using select deployments of training cutters and a cadre of 55 elite maritime trainers, called Mobile Education and Training Teams (MTT), the division deploys across the globe to help allies and emerging nations increase their maritime law enforcement and security potential.
Good for the US, good for the Coasties and good for the countries that get helped.

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