Saturday, March 25, 2006

The path of the warrior

Looks like the Marines are finding more good ones than usual from the US Naval Academy, with 209 middies of a class of 992 opting for the Corps.

Or, as the helpful (but entirely clueless) reporter Bradley Olson put it (in his effort to be- what- ironic?):
Despite a war that has entered its fourth year with mounting casualties and waning public support, more and more midshipmen at the Annapolis military college are volunteering for the Marines when asked to choose how they will fulfill the five-year commitment required of all academy graduates.
Bradley, these are warriors in training, who have grown up in a time of war after their country was attacked and who chose to attend Annapolis when many other, non-service options beckoned. They are the men and women about whom we ask after the battle is joined, "Where do we get such men?"

The others in the class will become naval aviators, submariners, SEALS, SeaBees, EOD, EDO or surface warfare officers, and also will take up the banner carried by great warriors of the present and past. We hope for a Nimitz or a Spruance among them as they grow into the fleet.

God speed them on their paths! May they all find meaning, purpose and joy in their lives as they take on their duties as officers in the service of this great country.

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