Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New advisory from Maritime Liaison Office Bahrain

Found as MARLO Advisory Bulletin 03-06� - 14 March 2006:
Although the frequency of pirate attacks off the Somali coast has diminished, they are still occurring. Below we have provided some information not previously provided in MARLO Advisories, as well as some reminders from earlier advisories.

Pirates have operated at night and have cued in on ship's lights. Vessels traveling off of the coast of Somalia should use the minimal lighting that will ensure compliance with International Rules of the Road and safe navigation practices.

History of attacks suggests that: primary danger area is between latitude 0200N and 0400N, secondary danger area between 0400N and 0800N. Recommend increase in vigilant watch standers when transiting these latitudes off Somalia.

Merchants should keep their Automated Identification System (AIS) on during transits.

Merchants should keep their radar on, and should open the distance when they detect any approaching vessels on radar.

The pirates have used small boats / skiffs as well as captured dhows and fishing vessel as motherships to serve as a floating base to launch pirate attacks. Avoid all close approaches from any small boats, fishing vessels or dhows.

The Pirates have operated as far as 210 NM from the Somali Coastline by employing a mothership to stage from.

It is believed that in earlier operations, the pirates used distress calls to attract good-natured mariners to the area of attack, they could return to this tactic.

Vessels with a freeboard greater than ten feet (3.5 meters) have a much greater chance of successfully escaping a piracy attempt...

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