Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pirates catch a tanker off Somalia

According to this, Somali pirates have struck again:
Somali pirates have hijacked a fuel tanker 150km north of Mogadishu, according to port officials.

The ship had just offloaded a cargo of fuel and had left El Ade port - a site seized by Muslim fighters in fighting with an alliance of regional commanders last week that killed at least 70 people - when armed men stormed it on Wednesday.

"The ship was hijacked yesterday near Adale, 150km north of El Ade, after it dispensed oil," said Fuad Ali, who works with El Ade's port authoritiesl, said on Thursday.

"We have yet to find out details of the hijacking."
Reuters adds: "Somalia has no coast guard to protect vessels, but the U.S. Navy earlier this month returned fire on a suspected pirate ship, killing one and wounding five while on patrol."

UPDATE: (3/31/06) A little more info here:
Somali pirates have hijacked giant oil tanker near El Ade port in North Mogadishu.

The tanker is reported to have recently unloaded diesel in the port.

The name of the tanker is said to be MT-Line and it has a crew of 32 whose nationalities are Philippines.

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