Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Weekly ICC CCS Piracy Report (to 4 March 06)

For the latest ICC-CCS piracy report go here. Highlights:
05.03.2006 at 0500 UTC in position 14:42N - 051:42E, Gulf of Aden.
Six fast crafts doing over 20kts, yellow-red coloured hull with four persons in each craft approached a bulk carrier underway. Coalition warships in the vicinity tried to contact the crafts but received no response. Master sounded alarm and crew mustered and crafts sped towards northern Somali coast.

02.03.2006 at 1722 LT in position 01:28N - 052:42E, 350 nm from east coast, Somalia.
A white-hulled trawler doing 12.6 knots followed a general cargo ship underway. Master took evasive manoeuvres and trawler moved away.
In the first incident, the proximity of "coaltion warships" does not seem to be a deterrent...

And the latest ONI reports are found here. Just click on the date.

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