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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Port Security: Texas Coast

Preparing for the worst on the Texas coast:
Port security is a growing concern, and since 9/11, Southeast Texas has been labeled as a high risk target area for terrorist attacks.

On Tuesday, the Port of Beaumont hosted terrorist training for swat teams and the Beaumont Police Department.
One retired Houston SWAT leader and terrorist training expert has come to lead the program.
The Port of Beaumont has been flagged as a target area for terrorist activity, and local law enforcement wants to be prepared.
Specialists say it would take something drastic like another nine eleven to get some people to take our nation's security threats seriously.

Wall said, “The coast guard, national, state and local law enforcement is scrambling to get back where we should've been a long time ago because now the threat is clear. The threat is present. If we aren't ready for it we're going to become victims."

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